Candidate Statement of Derek Webley

Derek Webley is an Independent Candidate for West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner

My job will be to make the West Midlands the safest place in the country.

I’ve worked with the police for over a decade, representing the public and making policing more transparent.  I emphasise integrity, honesty and genuine engagement, including supporting communities and the police to stand up to gangs and organised crime. I consistently listen to the public to understand the real issues we face.

Policing can be difficult and complex, yet I have always been, and always will be open to the public, and will bring you into decision-making.  In difficult times my track record shows: I face the public and answer to you.

About me:

  • Active and respected campaigner against organised crime and street gangs
  • First Independent Chairman of West Midlands Police Authority 2009-2012
  • Independent Member of West Midlands Police Authority 2001-2012 
  • Member of National Counter Terrorism Oversight Board
  • Chairman, Birmingham Citizens Community Group
  • District Bishop of New Testament Church of God responsible for Birmingham and Solihull
  • Awarded MBE  in 2007 for services to community relations in the West Midlands
  • Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands


My Commitments to you:

  • Protected Communities and Neighbourhoods
  • Police Force Efficiency and Stability without Privatisation
  • Victims First; Criminals to Pay 
  • People not Politicians 
  • Trust and Confidence
  • Without Fear or Favour

 We expect the police to act without fear or favour, and police leaders should be the same.  If a party politician gets elected, they will want to use West Midlands Police for political advantage.  I won’t.


As an Independent:

  • I have no political agenda. I am not governed and controlled by local or national politicians.  
  • I will ensure your voice is heard, and challenge the police where necessary, as I have in the past 
  • I can hold the Chief Constable to account fairly and openly, without turning policing into a political football
  • I promise open and transparent decision-making, building on what I’ve already done to enable you to have your say in policing
  • I will prioritise the policing you need in your area, and not allow policing to skewed by party politics
  • I have built trust, with communities and the police, based on honesty, integrity and genuine engagement 

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