How to deliver on promises

Michael Mates is the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

A sceptical electorate as well as political opponents have been left wondering how much is actually affordable from the outlandish claims proposed by some candidates. In Hampshire, one has promised to provide an extra 200 officers ; this without consulting the Chief Constable or declaring where he will find the additional £10 Million in taxes required to fund them – a 10% increase in the police precept on council tax. A brave call in these austere times!

I have looked at realistic and fundable solutions for reducing crime in Hampshire and the IOW. Here is one of the options that I think people have been asking for and which can give them a say in how they are policed. I propose an e-petition for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

I will act on what people raise in their e-petitions on crime and anti-social behaviour. E-petitions will be raised via a link on the PCC website, as well as being available through an App.

When a petition is raised, and enough people sign up to it, (and if it is legal!) then I will guarantee to raise that issue with the Chief Constable. I will tell those who raised the issue when the meeting is planned, I will tell them what was discussed and I will tell them what action is being taken. I also guarantee that everything will be communicated in plain English.

Letting everyone’s voice be heard will be done by giving proportionate weighting to petitions. When I receive one from a less populated area, I will consider the number of people who have signed it. It will be allowed to carry the same weight as a greater number in a more densely populated area. Town and country will have their voices heard in equal measure.

e-petitions will allow communities to raise issues that affect them. It can unite communities through their involvement and it can provide a new communication channel for people in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Every time I review my Crime and Policing Plan I will be looking at the petition site and analysing the data to see what trends are emerging. With the public’s help I can get an informed view from all communities which I shall pass on to the Chief Constable.

Too many candidates have talked about who they are and not enough have talked about what they are actually going to do. With ten days to go here is a concrete suggestion for voters in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


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