Candidate Statement of Neil Eyre

Neil Eyre is an Independent Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Humberside – see his website here. He has no statement listed on the official ChooseMyPCC website, so feel free to use the share buttons below.

When elected, I will commit to ensuring that the Police force will not only strive to protect and serve the people of Humberside, but it will also give the people of Humberside value for money. Like you I’ve had enough of public funds being squandered by politicians on projects like the Fire Control Call Centre scandal.

Most manifesto pledges are vague so that politicians can argue that they are delivering ‘plausible promises’. I don’t agree with this kind of political trickery.

I ask you to look at the other candidate’s manifestos and question whether or not what is being pledged is clear and understandable. I do not believe it is, like you I’m sick of politicians and their political babble, and I tend to end that here and now.

My pledges are not only specific but also measureable. The last thing I want is for what I’m saying to be not understood or confusing.

Firstly, I will not make claims for personal expenses. All my friends and family are sickened by the amount of public funds wasted on paying expenses to politicians and their advisors. The salary is already considered by most to be too high so expenses can come from this, as will the £20,000 extra pension contribution. This is unnecessary and unrealistic compared to what normal working people can expect.

I will not sanction any cuts to front line policing. As far as I’m concerned the most important of these services, frontline policing protecting residents and businesses from crime, should not be affected in any way shape or form. Everyone I talk to says there should be more police on the beat, I agree and this will be a top priority.

I don’t agree with any of the other candidates that “cuts must be made”. If I’m approached and told that police numbers have to be cut the first question I’ll ask is: why? The second question will be: Can it be taken from a less essential service?

I, like you, refuse to accept the same old answers politicians give us ‘because it has to’ or ‘because there is no money’. There is money, but what we need is a new way of looking at how that money is spent and allocated, we need a commissioner who will honestly look at how the money will benefit the public first and foremost, a commissioner who is one of us, not one of them, and that is why I am standing, for what I believe.

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