Candidate Statement of Jamie Athill

I’m Jamie Athill, I was born and raised in Norfolk and I’m standing as the Conservative candidate in Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner election because I want to cut crime by:


  • Improving Norfolk Constabulary’s public accountability, so people understand how the police help them and how they can help the police
  • Underpinning the Chief Constable’s operational independence, so we get the best policing delivered by well-trained, well-motivated police officers, PCSOs and civilian staff
  • Supporting the organisations and charities that help victims and reduce reoffending with business partnerships that enable, not ‘privatise’, these public institutions, putting the victim first.


The PCC needs to be a tough, fair-minded person who will take a fresh and independent look at cutting bureaucracy, with a hands-on approach to identifying local priorities. Thirty-five years of military experience has taught me that when times are difficult it is teamwork and innovation that deliver results, not infighting or living in the past. I share with many Norfolk people the values of personal responsibility, mutual respect, self-reliance and independent thought – and that we must make every penny count.


The PCC’s job is not just about setting police budgets and priorities; it’s about long-term crime reduction, about sharing best practices with local government and local businesses and renewed community engagement – driving improvements through collaboration with the whole criminal justice system.


My team will bring Norfolk criminal justice, victim support and business experience to focus on the front line. We’ll be upfront with the people of Norfolk, replacing the appointed Police Authority’s closed shop with elected openness and accountability, so we keep Norfolk one of the safest counties in England.


You can learn more from my website , which includes a growing diary of campaign events leading up to the election on 15 November.


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4 Responses to Candidate Statement of Jamie Athill

  1. Grandma B says:

    In view of the daily new revelations of systemic corruption in the British police, an issue you have not addressed here, can you please state what your policy would be towards criminals in the police service?

    Would you agree that the same laws apply to police officers as to the rest of society?

    Would you agree that police officers, who commit crime, should be brought to book for it?

    Would you agree the system by which police officers avoid disciplinary action by taking “early retirement” due to “ill health”, only to then start working in a civilian role for the police undermines what little public confidence there is left in the police?

  2. For those interested, I did a critique of Mr Athill’s campaign video from a few weeks’ past:

  3. Theo Hopkins says:

    I have looked at Mr Athill’s website.

    I never trust any politician who:

    1. Refers to himself by his first name (Jaimie)
    2. Publishes photographs of himself with an open neck shirt – when he is cleary a “suit and tie” man.

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