Candidate Statement of Paul Varnsverry

Paul Varnsverry is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Northamptonshire.

Paul Varnsverry considers the role of PCC requires three different types of experience: in policing, in politics and in business.

Paul has worked with the Police and other peacekeeping and public security organisations worldwide for much of his career. In 1998 he was tasked to set up and chair the British Standards committee for police riot, ballistic and stab protection. Post 9/11, a high level recommendation led to Paul working on first responders' protection from a terrorist “dirty bomb”. Paul was also a special technical advisor to an ACPO subcommittee from 2002 – 2011.

He has worked alongside frontline officers and those of ACPO rank, so he understands policing and maintains close links with many of his former colleagues, one of whom recently provided this testimonial: “I understand [Paul] is standing as a candidate for election as a Police and Crime Commissioner and I believe that in terms of his personal capabilities he has everything that is required to fulfil this role.”

Paul became involved in politics in 2006, was an elected councillor from 2007 – 2011 and deputy leader of Northampton Borough Council from 2009 – 2011. Paul is the most politically-experienced Northamptonshire candidate, yet he has made clear he respects the service too highly to politicise the police.

Paul was a key member of the team that took Northampton Borough Council from “The World's Worst Council” to one of the most improved, so he knows how to effect positive change in a large public sector body. A senior officer at the council provided this testimonial: “Paul always worked very hard for the benefit of the public of Northampton and is without doubt a capable, intelligent and high integrity individual.”

Paul runs his own business, working with the Police and other government bodies as well as the private sector, so he understands business management. A client said: “Paul leads by example and many people and businesses have found his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. As part of his own business and political work, Paul has worked hard to build authentic relationships with those who have either elected him or employed his expert services.”

Paul possesses the combination of skills and experience required to deal with the challenges the PCC will encounter. This is an entirely new position, with an opportunity to set a high benchmark, as Paul has consistently achieved throughout his career.

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