PCC race is on in Dorset

Up till yesterday, the people of Dorset had no clue who they would have to choose from as Police and Crime Commissioner later this year. Today that all changed as The Bournemouth Echo put the following names in the frame as potential candidates for Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner:-

Nick King, a Conservative councillor for Bournemouth and member of the Dorset Police Authority.

Cllr Angus Campbell, Leader of Dorset County Council (Conservative).

Cllr Janet Dover, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Dorset County Council, said she would consider standing for the role if asked, but adds “at this moment in time I have not been asked and I may not ever be.”

Bournemouth Cllr David Smith and former Poole councillor Don Collier also ruled themselves out. Former Chief Constable Jane Stichbury has been suggested as an independent candidate, but there is no confirmation of this.

Dorset Police Authority have a page on their site for anyone interested.

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