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After the hype

Yesterday we covered the, well, jubilation that followed the apparent discovery of a chief police officer who was prepared to say that the government were cutting police on the streets and this was driving up crime. Well, unsurprisingly, all is … Continue reading

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What happened to the squirrel?

If you want a bit of sport, send me, Michael Crick and the Police Foundation an email saying you intend to stand for the office of Police and Crime Commissioner in your area, wait a dignified amount of time, and … Continue reading

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Weekend Update- Part, The Second – 18 March 2012

LGA This week I received my copy of the Local Government Association’s ‘First’ magazine with a flyer for their Police and Crime Commissioner Association quoting a favourably disposed candidate from each of the major parties. Didn’t quote TopOfTheCops though, funnily … Continue reading

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Update – Monday 5th March 2012

Update on the updateYes, I know it’s messy, but I couldn’t make you wait till the next full update…. 3 paragraph’s below this section you will find the story of Mike Olley’s digital billboards and Michael Crick’s questions. A source … Continue reading

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Is policing too hard for ordinary people to understand?

Lancashire’s Chief Constable Steve Finnigan has expressed his concern about only one person overseeing policing in the county when the Police Authority is abolished, according to the BBC. He said: “To ask an individual to cover [this] patch is asking … Continue reading

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Top Cops: Pure as the driven snow, but easily led

The Telegraph is currently carrying an interesting pair of articles online at the moment. In the first, Sir Norman Bettison, Chief Constable of Yorkshire expresses his fears that elected Police and Crime Commissioners could feel obligated to those people who … Continue reading

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Prescott v Brain – truth is the casualty as Prescott retreats

Lord Prescott appeared on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning (listen here), and mentioned that the Policing Protocol meant Commissioners shouldn’t fetter a Chief Constable’s operational independence. The Guardian’s account is here. The Telegraph has comments here. The discussion around … Continue reading

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Departing Chief Constable runs for Labour in South Yorkshire

Today BBC Sheffield reports that Meredydd Hughes, who only stood down as Chief Constable of South Yorkshire a few months ago, would seek the Labour nomination for Police and Crime Commissioner there. See here for TOTC analysis.

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PCC race is on in Dorset

Up till yesterday, the people of Dorset had no clue who they would have to choose from as Police and Crime Commissioner later this year. Today that all changed as The Bournemouth Echo put the following names in the frame … Continue reading

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Peter Walker fires first shot of the North Yorkshire campaign

Former Deputy Chief Constable Peter Walker looks to have launched his campaign on ConservativeHome, although he has also already established a website. Mr Walker criticises the size of the Force’s HR Department, and the recruitment of an extra Assistant Chief … Continue reading

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