The race for TopOfTheCops in Kent gathers speed

Today Harriet Yeo, a Union rep on Labour’s National Executive Committee, announced at Labour’s South-East conference that she was applying for the party’s nomination.

She may be up against Colonel Tim Collins, who has courted controversy for suggesting the job would likely be part-time.

Fran Croucher, a police officer accused by Kent police of inventing a tale about an assault, before being tried and cleared in court, has resigned from the police and said that she wants to be considered for the post. Wouldn’t that be fun for the Chief Constable? Kent police say “It would be inappropriate for Kent Police to comment on anyone’s plans to stand for political office- that is a matter for the people of Kent at the ballot box and the force does not comment on that democratic process.”

The Kent police authority could have done with remembering that. They have a page on their site about Police and Crime Commissioners, something they really didn’t want to be coming into existence, resulting in some being told off about their use of public funds in campaigning against the new reform.

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