Update – Monday 5th March 2012

Update on the update
Yes, I know it’s messy, but I couldn’t make you wait till the next full update…. 3 paragraph’s below this section you will find the story of Mike Olley’s digital billboards and Michael Crick’s questions. A source has informed TopOfTheCops that today’s Birmingham Mail contains the following statement after Mike Olley’s column…

“Now that Mike has announced that he is officially in the running to be the Labour Party’s candidate to be the West Midlands police commissioner, he has stepped down as columnist and this will be his last. We’d like to think him [sic] for the articles he’s provided”
Has Crick ended Olley’s media career?

The weekend is over. Never mind, you can count time on the internet as if it was real work while you catch up on what you may have missed, which is:-

The annual canvass of electors has been moved forward in areas with Police and Crime Commissioner elections this year in an effort to ensure that the Registers are in the best position by the time of the election in November- not so easy if you wait till September to start.

Michael Crick has been asking questions about West Midlands Labour TopOfTheCops hopeful Mike Olley’s digital billboards advertising him his articles in the Birmingham Mail. Curiously it is difficult to establish who paid for them (not the Birmingham Mail apparently), and whether they should be counted against Mr Olley’s election expenses. Never mind that Michael, what about this here super-expensive website? Would candidates featured here have to declare that on their election expenses? Hope not – as it has cost a grand total of 12 quid so far, to split the costs fairly the Royal Mint may need to reissue farthings.

For more information on our readers, and the Editor, have a look at the refreshed ‘About‘ section.

Three Labour Councillors in Leicestershire have announced they are standing for Police and Crime Commissioner. Wayne Naylor and Jewel Miah were already on our list but have been joined by Sarah Russell, assistant Mayor at Leicester City Council.

There was some speculation that Sussex Police Authority chairman Steve Waight, may put his name forward for the Police and Crime Commissioner role, while Newcastle Labour Councillor Sue Pearson definitely has put her name forward for the Northumbria post, and her rival for the Labour nomination, Henri Murison, focussed on a commitment to pay staff a living wage if he was elected – that might go down well with the Labour party members who will soon be choosing the candidates.

Former Detective Chief Inspector Martyn Underhill has announced he is standing as an Independent in Dorset, and has been described as teaming up with Simon Weston to keep the politics out of policing.

Meanwhile, the Guardian led on a no-holds-barred tender document drawn up by the West Midlands and Surrey forces, which would allow a wide range of private sector involvement in the delivery of services, and there was a minor explosion among Labour PCC wannabees. The government took the blame for seeking to privatise the police, and using PCCs to do it…. but it was actually those must-be-saved apolitical multi-party Police Authorities who were holding the smoking gun on this one, while whimpering “the cuts made me do it“.

Meanwhile on the BBC NW version of the Sunday Politics (watch 37 mins in or just read here) Lancashire PCC hopeful Councillor Kevin Horkin and Rossendale and Darwen MP Jake Berry stood up for PCCs as a reform, showing that no-one in the debate could name a single member of Lancashire Police Authority, and Jake Berry revealed that said Authority was paying £12,500 a year to get private health care for the Chief Constable, his ACPO team, and the Chief Executive of the Police Authority. Austerity ain’t what it used to be.

As this site is based in Lancashire, we’ll luxuriate a little by reproducing Jake Berry’s quote to the Lancashire Telegraph in full – it’s a doozy…

He said: “The tax payer should not be paying for private healthcare for any top officers in Lancashire. If the NHS is good enough for a bobby injured in the line of duty it should be good enough for the chief constable. The chief constable has announced that the police precept will push up council tax when it has been frozen across councils across Lancashire. Why should we pay more for these types of gold plated executive packages?

“We have heard the police authority and the chief constable, Steve Finnigan, saying they have had to make officers redundant because of cuts. To get rid of front line officers while handing out executive perks to yourselves is crass beyond belief and shows a vacuum of leadership at the top of Lancashire Constabulary.

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4 Responses to Update – Monday 5th March 2012

  1. jonsharvey says:

    You are doing a fine job, Sam, at tracking all these developments. Assuming you continue through to November and beyond – your blog will provide an invaluable archive of material and the emerging debate. Thanks.

  2. Paul Tinnion says:

    According to tonight’s Evening Chronicle, Mick Henry is not, after all, running for Northumbria. He prefers to remain as Leader of Gateshead. That leaves V Baird, T Foster, H Murison, S Pearson and myself for the Labour nomination. There may be others who have not gone public.

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