‘Looking at the wrong end of the lead’, by Peter Walker

Peter Walker is seeking the Conservative nomination for Police and Crime Commissioner for the City of York and North Yorkshire.

Press coverage of suggestions that Cambridgeshire and other Police Forces may engage G4S to undertake the duties of Dog Handlers – presently undertaken by Police Officers – have received a predictable reaction from rank-and-file Officers.

My views on the tender document issued by the West Midlands and Surrey Police Authorities (which North Yorkshire’s Authority has joined in this regard) seeking providers of everything from Neighbourhood Patrol to Major Incident Investigation were made some weeks ago.

On this occasion, there is a point that may have been overlooked by those who are seeking to use this solution as a means of achieving financial savings.

The partnership of human and dog is one that has provided benefits in the law enforcement arena for decades. It is fair to say that this partnership can be achieved quite simply. Once the dog has been trained to undertake the task required, whether it is to search for explosives or track a fugitive, all it needs is a handler (the human). The human may be employed by anybody. Whether the employer is a Police Service or a security company makes no difference.

What does make a difference, however, is what the human can do apart from look after a dog.See more…..

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