Matt Taylor responds to questions

Matt Taylor is hoping to stand for the S.O.S. party for Police and Crime Commissioner in Sussex. After his Candidate Statement was featured a few days ago, some TopOfTheCops readers raised some queries which were included in this article. Mr Taylor has issued the below response. With regard to other points about the use of logos, he says he will “remove any graphics from my campaign site, namely logos etc, if the interested parties contact me with their complaints. I intend to run a clean campaign which doesn’t harm or discredit anyone’s else. I may make a few mistakes along the way, but any mistakes will be quickly addressed and resolved.

Her Majesty has referred my letter to Theresa May, the Home Secretary and I’m awaiting a reply.

I’ve also written to Nick Herbert MP and Kenneth Clarke QC MP of the Justice Ministry to clarify whether I qualify to stand as a Police and Crime Commissioner.

The facts remain that I have never specifically been convicted for an imprisonable offence. A CRB check dated 2003 shows a clear criminal record.

I’m confused about where I stand as much as anyone else!

This is why other than, The Queen, Theresa May, Nick Herbert MP and Kenneth Clarke QC MP, I have also contacted Brig Edward Forster-Knight OBE (Provost Marshall of the Royal Military Police) to clarify the situation.

Further-more I have contacted the European Court of Human Rights and CCRC and await replies.

I won’t be handing over 100 signatures and a £5000 deposit until I have official confirmation. And let me assure you, I will notify all interested parties as to the answer, whether positive or negative.

On the subject of David Joe Nielson, we have spoken about our respective campaigns and acknowledge the similarities. It is with this in mind we are in discussions to form an independent coalition to fight the election.

Again, once I know more will be the first to know.

I hope this answers your readers questions and may I thank them for taking interest and seeking clarification.

I remain confident of standing as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex in the 15thNovember 2012.

Thank you…

Matt Taylor


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2 Responses to Matt Taylor responds to questions

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  2. ianchisnall says:

    Sam, I feel sure that if Mr Taylor is a serious contender he would not need your website to challenge his integrity over my logo – I am sure we will meet in due course. For the moment I will continue to treat his use of it as a form of flattery.

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