Tory PCC Selection Round-Up

Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner selections are underway, and there are a few yet to be done, but some results have come in that we may have highlighted on Twitter, but not on the site, so here goes:-

(we covered the definitive Labour list on Labour Day)

Cheshire – Completely unofficially, the previously reported un-named former Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire, is John Dwyer, apparently.

Derbyshire – Simon Spencer

Dorset – Nick King

Humberside – Matthew Grove

Northumbria – Phil Butler

North Yorkshire – Julia Mulligan

Thames Valley – Anthony Stansfeld

West Yorkshire – Geraldine Carter

This is not an exhaustive list, as some have previously been mentioned on the site.

Hampshire Conservatives choose between Donna Jones and Michael Mates on 3, 4 & 5 July.

Devon and Cornwall Tories have ‘primaries’ on 5, 6 & 7 July to choose between Paul Biddle, Alison Hernandez, and Tony Hogg. If I’d been quick enough with my iPhone I could have captured them all meeting for the first time last week at the CREST Advisory PCC Future event.

West Midlands Conservatives face a choice between Matt Bennett and Joe Tildesley at ‘open primary’ hustings between 4 and 11 July.

Surrey Conservatives will choose between Julie Iles, Howard Jones and Humfrey Malins on 11 July.

Hertfordshire Conservatives choose between Dr Rachel Frosh and at least one other between 3-12 July.

On Friday 13 July (yes, really), Bedfordshire Conservatives will choose between Bernard Rix and Jas Parmar.

On 14 July, Lancashire Conservatives will choose between me and 2 other candidates who have yet to go public.

Also on 14 July, Sussex Conservatives choose between Katy Bourne, Peter Jones and Anthony Kimber.

Lincolnshire Conservatives will have to wait till 23 July to choose between Lee Rotherham, Richard Graham Davies and Kelly Jason Smith. They’re very proud of all their given names in Lincolnshire.

I could do with dates for selections in Hertfordshire and Suffolk and further details on dates and shortlists for any others I’ve missed.


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8 Responses to Tory PCC Selection Round-Up

  1. Sam, ask and you shall receive: Hertfordshire primary dates!

    Good luck to those left in the running, see you in Hertford.

  2. “On 14 July, Lancashire Conservatives will choose between me and 2 other candidates who have yet to go public” – The Lancashire Eveing Post ( are reporting your contenders as

    “The remaining hopefuls as Tory candidates are thought to be Lancashire County Council leader Geoff Driver, fellow county councillor Tim Ashton and former police officer Sam Chapman.”

    • samchapman says:

      They are, and others have a different list. I have promised not to ‘out’ candidates who have not gone public, so my lips are sealed on this one.

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