A Very British Coup?

Some countries round the world are run by their armed forces, and the more generous of these sometimes retreat to the background when they think the civvies can take the blame for a bit. As I have gathered together the identities of selected and prospective Conservative candidates I have reflected that, if I was the conspiracist that Michael Crick has me down as, I might think that this country’s armed forces were planning democratically to take control of the police, as the first part of a more ambitious plan, perhaps?

Curious that in the Policy Exchange poll, former military officers ranked as a less popular choice with voters than ordinary people with an interest in the issues.

Check out below the latest list containing both new stuff and old news. Taken together with the definitive Labour list I published on Labour Day, that should cover the main candidates in most areas, in case I’ve not been able to update your area page yet. In my defense, I am busy trying to get selected against the handicap of the only uniform I have donned being a police one.

The chaps in the photo are Phil Butler, Neil Varley and Ken Lupton, the selected Conservative candidates for Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland respectively. Thanks to Phil Butler for allowing use of the photo.

Avon and SomersetKen Maddock, formerly Leader of Somerset County Council. Here is his contribution to our ‘Risking It All’ series.

Bedfordshire Conservatives will announce the result of their postal ballot of party members on Friday 13 July. The choice is between Bernard Rix and Jas Parmar. Updated 13 July – Jas Parmar has been chosen as the candidate.

Cambridgeshire – The choice is between Sir Graham Bright, Shona Johnstone and former Air Commodore John Pye.

Cheshire – former Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire John Dwyer.

ClevelandKen Lupton

Cumbria – The only publicly rumoured candidate was John Mallinson, leader of Carlisle City Council’s Conservatives, but as at 15 July the Chair of Cumbria Probation Trust, Richard Rhodes, has been selected.

DerbyshireSimon Spencer

Devon and Cornwall – Former Royal Navy Commodore Tony Hogg

DorsetNick King

Durham – Neil Varley who, as he is 22 or 23, has been criticised by Northumbria’s Labour Candidate Vera Baird as ‘lacking gravitas’ for the job. His response included reference to her losing her driving licence while Solicitor General. Ouch!

Dyfed Powys – Assembly Member Nick Bourne is the only rumoured Conservative candidate.

Essex – Former Royal Navy Officer Nicholas Alston CBE

Gloucestershire -The three shortlisted candidates for a postal ballot of party members are barrister Victoria Atkins, County Councillor Rob Garnham (formerly head of the Gloucestershire Police Authority) and Leader of Gloucestershire County Council Mark Hawthorne. Updated 13 July Victoria Atkins has been chosen as the candidate.

Greater Manchester – Robin Garrido is the only publicly rumoured Conservative candidate.

Gwent – No rumoured Conservative candidates yet.

Hampshire – Michael Mates, running for election at 78 he pips Lord Prescott to the post for the title of oldest living PCC candidate, as the latter will be a mere 74 by November. Mates is an experienced MP, but before this left the army in 1974 as Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards.

Hertfordshire Conservatives choose between Dr Rachel Frosh, David Lloyd and ‘former RAF officer’ Paul Richardson on 12 July. Updated 12 July – David Lloyd, current chair of the Police Authority, has been selected. Rachel Frosh second.

HumbersideMatthew Grove

KentCraig MacKinlay

Lancashire Fylde Borough Councillor and County Councillor Tim Ashton was chosen as the candidate at a meeting in Blackpool on 14 July, where I was the runner-up.

Leicestershire – Air Chief Marshall (Rtd) Sir Clive Loader

Lincolnshire Conservatives will have to wait till 21 July (not 23rd as it says at that link) to choose between Lee Rotherham, Richard Graham Davies and Kelly Jason Smith.

Merseyside – No known Conservative candidates

Norfolk – Jamie Athill has confirmed he is a candidate (and ex-military). Stephen Bett, Paul Rice and Simon Woodbridge are rumoured candidates.

NorthumbriaPhil Butler – former police officer.

North Wales – No known Conservative candidates

North YorkshireJulia Mulligan

NorthamptonshireAdam Simmonds

Nottinghamshire – County Councillor Mike Quigley is the only rumoured Conservative Candidate.

South Wales – No known Conservative candidates

South Yorkshire – No known Conservative candidates

Staffordshire – There are three candidates facing hustings from 12 to 14 July. One is either Robbie Marshall or Neill Harvey Smith. The other two still have their heads down. Why are people so coy?

Suffolk – the Conservative shortlist is down to David Card (who spent 11 years in the RAF), and Council Leaders Ray Herring and Tim Passmore

Surrey Conservatives will choose between Julie Iles and Howard Jones on 11 July. I had a nice chat with former-MP Humfrey Malins a few weeks ago, and he seemed well-qualified for the job, but he has since withdrawn. Updated 11 July – Julie Iles has been selected as the Conservative Candidate.

Sussex Katy Bourne has been selected. Commiserations to Peter Jones, who had Google adverts for his candidacy for several months (but never responded to TopOfTheCops) and to retired Colonel Anthony Kimber.

Thames ValleyAnthony Stansfeld Anthony has had a career in both the military (Royal Green Jackets, commanding Army Air Corps squadrons, and 2 years as Chief of Staff Intelligence in the Far East).

WarwickshireFraser Pithie

West Mercia – Former Army Intelligence Officer Adrian Blackshaw

West Midlands Conservatives face a choice between Matt Bennett and Joe Tildesley at ‘open primary’ hustings finishing on 11 July. Updated 11 July – Matt Bennett has been selected as the Conservative Candidate.

West YorkshireGeraldine Carter

Wiltshire – Hustings in North Wiltshire are on 16, 18 and 20 July, but details of the candidates are not public.

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