Candidate Statement of Tam Macpherson

Tam Macpherson is standing as an Independent Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.


As an Independent Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) I will represent and reflect the interests of residents and businesses by scrutinising the performance of Devon & Cornwall Police Service and, where necessary, through the Chief Constable, hold senior police officers to account in their local areas.


The relationship between the Police, Criminal Justice System (CJS) and politics is close, complex and highly controversial, yet very important in terms of governance. With the principle aim of bringing the voice of the people into policing and the justice system, tackling the things that you say are important, we must ensure that party politics are not part of the equation.


Manifesto – in brief


As PCC, I will work with existing Safety Partnerships at the causes and effects of crime in the community. The Chief Constable will be expected to meet local priorities in reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime in the community. Our police service should not be permitted to become aligned with the priorities of a political party.


I am conscious of the current prevailing economic conditions being faced by households, the public sector and private businesses the length of the West Country. The realities of a fixed budget and staff reduction imposed on the Devon & Cornwall Police Service, understanding day to day police officer deployment and service levels, together with local priorities in expenditure, will be key and vitally important in the role of PCC.


I support, in principle, the proposed government reforms to the CJS. Changes, at a local level, that should build on focusing legal aid where most needed, toughen up community sentences with more onerous curfews and offenders fines used to support victims and witnesses. I welcome the PCC having a direct input with the local Probation Trust and Attendance Centres.


Accepting we are in a period of austerity, and by maintaining the operational independence of the Chief Constable, the police service and CJS, we will ensure that the influence on their performance is community not political party based.


Furthermore a police service must connect and be identifiable at a local level. Serious consideration should be given to establishing two separate, operationally independent, police services for Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly and Devon. This proposal, audited at a local level then presented to the Home Office, when implemented, should bring clarity of identity, representation and confidence in police services within their respective communities.


I am a strong supporter of front line police officers but doubt the even-handedness of the processes that direct the police service. I believe that the inclusion of a strong community voice will go a long way to reducing the impact of the red tape hindering the effectiveness of the police service




As an Independent PCC, I will ask probing and testing questions of the police and the CJS and in doing so hold those responsible to account. Through a balance of transparency and scrutiny I will achieve an improved police service and a more effective justice system. I will do this on behalf of the residents and businesses of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and also for visitors to our area.


“The future of our police service and justice system should not be decided on the crack of a partisan whip or the colour of a party rosette!”

Promoted by & on behalf of Tam Macpherson, 65 Union Street, Plymouth, PL1 3LU


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2 Responses to Candidate Statement of Tam Macpherson

  1. Sceptical of PCC's says:

    Unflattering but accurate summation in the Indy today:-
    “A group of fading politicians, a clutch of right-wing extremists, local party grandees and a dwindling band of tenacious independents.”

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