Candidate Statement of Richard Davies

Richard Davies is Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Lincolnshire. This is his website. He has no statement listed on the official ChooseMyPCC website, so feel free to use the share buttons below.

For the first time since the modern police force was formed the people of Lincolnshire will have the opportunity to decide how they are policed. Having been born and raised in Lincolnshire I have a deep affinity and connection to public concerns in relation to crime. Running a small business in the county and raising a family here means I am acutely aware of the issues that have been ignored for too long by our London-centric policing system. The three years I spent working at the heart of Lincolnshire Policing has shown me first hand how the systems work and also where they fall down.

The role of Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner brings with it key powers but also huge responsibility and the opportunity to make a really significant difference to the lives of Lincolnshire residents. The priorities I would set match the needs, hopes and fears of the people who actually live here, not distant experts and bureaucrats. My no-nonsense approach will cut through the excuses and indifference that has left many people disillusioned with the police.

My priorities are simple

Visible policing – get the police out of the stations into our communities where they can deter criminals and protect people and property.

Crime prevention – to reduce the number of victims of crime we need more crime prevention.

On November 15th we can make the choice to improve our community, make people feel safer and cut the number of people who become victims of crime. I firmly believe we can improve both how Lincolnshire police perform and how the people of Lincolnshire view our police.

Prepared by Janice Hill on behalf of Richard Davies, both of Conservative Office, North Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9AJ

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6 Responses to Candidate Statement of Richard Davies

  1. Wow. You are running for Lincs PCC, the current home of police outsourcing with G4S, and you don’t mention it once. Just google searched your campaign site – and found nothing.

    Arguably, G4S outsourcing is the hottest issue in Lincs and your avoide the subject altogether?

    Please explain. And if I missed your policy on outsourcing – please forgive me and point me in that direction.


  2. richardvotedavies says:

    Hi Jon,

    It’s not the hottest topic in Lincolnshire by a long way. Up here in Lincs people are raising visibility, speeding, and ASB.

    You may have seen my tweets on outsourcing but the main point I’d make is that I’m not tied to ideology – my focus is delivering the best service to the people of Lincolnshire. So far Outsourcing has saved Lincs police substantial amounts of cash which keeps front line officers on the streets.

    If it is to be successful the governance has to be effective and transparent – both areas I think we can improve on.

    • Believe it or not – nor am I tied to ideology either which I why I want a full public debate of all the issues (and costs… if G4S are paying less into staff pensions who will then pick up the tab a few years down the road?), why I have asked Lincs Police to publish their risk register for work for G4S (and they are still refusing to publish… debate… transparency??), why I write articles like this one in the Guardian: and why I remain curious that your published manifesto here does not even mention it. How many people in Lincs are even aware of the full ramifications of thir contract with G4S? It is your job to raise and debate these issues with them in my opinion.

      And how come you have no entry on ?? I presume this is not due to not wanting a public debate… but perhaps you were late in submitting your piece…?

      Do tell.

      • richardvotedavies says:

        Hi Jon,

        Bearing how much public debate, both online and offline, i’ve taken part in – I’m surprised by your comments – although I suppose that is politics for you.

        My own website has quite a lively debate on it at the moment about many issues!

        Sadly the Lincolnshire PARO claimed not to have received my statement – while I take issue with that position I’m not sure bleating about it will make any difference.



  3. As I said above Richard “And if I missed your policy on outsourcing – please forgive me and point me in that direction” – so if the debate is raging on your website – please give us all the link.

    Re your comment about surprise – most voters will not have been involved in previous online debates – you know that. Most only now are waking up to this election and will go to the Chose my PCC site only. They might look at local papers too. They are unlikely to track back to older online debates I reckon.

    And I have missed all the debates and I am on here alot as you know!

    So if I have missed them…. many others will have too, I suspect

    But I come back to my point – outsourcing is NOT mentioned on your website… I think it should be. You could clearly state your policy now. Unlke the Choose my PCC site – you can now make that change.

    Why not do this now?

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