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Weekend Update – 20 May

There has been some movement on Conservative Candidates, funnilly enough in exactly the same week as I was officially told there wouldn’t be… Out Colonel Tim Collins, the man paraded at the last Conservative Party Conference as exactly the sort … Continue reading

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Passover Weekend Update – Part 1 – Friday 6 April

Frequent flyers here at TopOfTheCops will know that a constant stream of news and views made for none of our regular updates last weekend, but the good news is that we now have a four-day weekend to make up for … Continue reading

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What are Conservative candidates thinking?

Yesterday saw Conservative Home feature an article on the emerging Police and Crime Commissioner candidates. It criticised some Conservative candidates for perceived dithering as to whether they were standing or not, and acknowledged that some had been compromised by their … Continue reading

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A perfect storm for the new politics?

Today I did some old-fashioned political stuff, namely the distribution of a newsletter to local residents keeping them up to date with local developments. There was variable rain at just the wrong levels at the wrong times, and a range … Continue reading

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You’re in good company!

Michael Crick has issued an update on his lists of Police and Crime Commissioner candidates, linking to TopOfTheCops.com in the process, possibly as thanks for sending some tips his way. So, what is there that we didn’t know before? See … Continue reading

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Lancashire Labour TopOfTheCops contest hits YouTube

Councillor Chris Maughan, a Blackpool Councillor who is also on Lancashire Police Authority, has launched his campaign for the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner nomination in Lancashire with a series of videos, including the 666 video above, attacking spending restraint … Continue reading

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The Economist considers elected police chiefs, past and future

The Economist has continued their coverage of Police and Crime Commissioners as the leading edge of outsourcing – or as one of our Twitter correspondents pointed out – Seeing ‘Commissioner’ as the process rather than a rank.Meanwhile their Bagehot column … Continue reading

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Many Thanks

Thanks to Douglas Carswell MP, tireless defender of Parliamentary sovereignty and father of what has become the elected Police and Crime Commissioner for encouraging his 6,000+ Twitter followers to follow this site, and listing us on his roll of favourite … Continue reading

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The Hashtag Question

When ‘Direct Democracy‘ first appeared in 2002, proposing what was eventually to become Police and Crime Commissioners there was no such thing as Twitter, but even without a 140-character limit the group managed to settle on a title for the … Continue reading

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