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PCCs and the End of Politics

Today I have updated the entries for Northamptonshire so that visitors to this site will know that Lee Barron is not a real choice in these elections, following his decision to ‘quit’ yesterday. As it happens, it’s too late formally … Continue reading

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Weekend Update- Part, The Second – 18 March 2012

LGA This week I received my copy of the Local Government Association’s ‘First’ magazine with a flyer for their Police and Crime Commissioner Association quoting a favourably disposed candidate from each of the major parties. Didn’t quote TopOfTheCops though, funnily … Continue reading

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Against Donkeys

The Police and Crime Commissioner elections are supposed to be an extension of democracy, giving voters the chance to chuck out folk they reckon are not governing the police sufficiently well. The same people (Daniel Hannan MEP and Douglas Carswell … Continue reading

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A perfect storm for the new politics?

Today I did some old-fashioned political stuff, namely the distribution of a newsletter to local residents keeping them up to date with local developments. There was variable rain at just the wrong levels at the wrong times, and a range … Continue reading

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Many Thanks

Thanks to Douglas Carswell MP, tireless defender of Parliamentary sovereignty and father of what has become the elected Police and Crime Commissioner for encouraging his 6,000+ Twitter followers to follow this site, and listing us on his roll of favourite … Continue reading

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