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Candidate Statement of Neil Eyre

Neil Eyre is an Independent Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Humberside – see his website here. He has no statement listed on the official ChooseMyPCC website, so feel free to use the share buttons below. When elected, I will … Continue reading

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Risking It All – part 1 – Keith Hunter

Editor’s note:- At elections most candidates lose. Even those who seek out ‘safe seats’ find them heavily contested within their parties. Without people prepared to run the risk of the public rejection and embarassment at the end of an election … Continue reading

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Weekend Update- Part, The Second – 18 March 2012

LGA This week I received my copy of the Local Government Association’s ‘First’ magazine with a flyer for their Police and Crime Commissioner Association quoting a favourably disposed candidate from each of the major parties. Didn’t quote TopOfTheCops though, funnily … Continue reading

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Weekend update – 10 March 2012

Part-timers, writing and Super Thursday? Patrick Burns wrote an article on November’s Police and Crime Commissioner and Mayoral elections, which was chiefly notable for being the first use of the term ‘Super Thursday’ in relation to these elections. Remember, it’s … Continue reading

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Keith Hunter’s 10 Questions for Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates

Keith Hunter is an applicant for the Labour nomination for Police and Crime Commissioner in the Humberside Police area. He has given TopOfTheCops.com permission to reproduce here his 10 suggested questions for Police and Crime Commissioner candidates, first sent out … Continue reading

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TopOfTheCops elections – Who pays the piper?

Is it me, or is John Prescott everywhere at the minute? You don’t seem to be able to turn on a news programme, open a paper, or even take refuge on a desert island without bumping into him. Can he … Continue reading

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Operational Independence and PCCs

Keith Hunter gives his personal perspective on operational independence, based on his experiences as a senior police officer in Humberside, where he hopes to be the Labour candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner. If you have a perspective to share … Continue reading

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Prescott v Brain – truth is the casualty as Prescott retreats

Lord Prescott appeared on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning (listen here), and mentioned that the Policing Protocol meant Commissioners shouldn’t fetter a Chief Constable’s operational independence. The Guardian’s account is here. The Telegraph has comments here. The discussion around … Continue reading

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Commissioner Prescott – Labour’s Worst Nightmare?

The Conservative’s flagship policing reform of elected Police and Crime Commissioners has been resisted by police authorities, police staff associations and politicians across the political spectrum. There are worries about politicising policing, interference with Chief Constables’ operational independence, and mandates … Continue reading

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Statement of Keith Hunter, Prospective Labour PCC Candidate for the Humberside Police Area

Keith Hunter is seeking the Labour nomination to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside. If you are intending to stand to be Police and Crime Commissioner where you live, you can submit your own Candidate Statement, so get … Continue reading

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