Top 10 posts so far…

As at 20 April 2012
This includes topical posts, but excludes Candidate Statements and pages for geographic areas. If you like it, it will be moved to the menu bar and updated on an irregular basis!

10. Questions in the House miss so many points – coverage of Theresa May saying the only official publicity candidates would be getting would be on an official website a bit like TopOfTheCops

9. Sure Things – under all sorts of unprovable assumptions, in which areas should certain party candidates feel safest?

8. A Holiday Treat for fans of “The Thick of It” – we were mobbed by fans of Peter Capaldi, or “Malcolm Tucker” as you may know him better.

7. Boris writes the first PCC manifesto – fairly self-explanatory. Note that Boris is the only London Mayoral Candidate to make the top 10, though we also covered Ken Livingstone and Brian Paddick. We didn’t pretend that people were seriously considering the Greens, while ignoring UKIP – we’re not the BBC!

6. Scores on the Doors as Labour nominations close – comparing rumours about candidates with rumours about numbers, and the odd fact.

5. What are Conservative Candidates Thinking? – or ‘why is a site run by a tory over-run by Candidate Statements from lefties?’

4. Campaign Economics – it’s a bit expensive to run without a party paying for it.

3. This is not normal politics – response to George Galloway’s win in Bradford West

2. An Exercise in Presumption – blasting the Local Government Association’s attempt to set up a Police and Crime Commissioners Association. There’s also a further update on this topic here.


Wait for it,

Drum-roll please…

1. How NOT to shortlist for Police and Crime Commissioner candidates – covering unhappiness within Labour that certain nominations are either fixed to one candidate or to a Hobson’s choice shortlist.

But the impressive thing is that the number 1 article was written only 3 days ago, and yet has more views than popular articles that have had nearly 3 months to accumulate visits – perhaps this article reflects a pressing concern?

The ranks are done by numbers of views per page. If you like one of the posts enough to think it should appear in the top 10 then take to your favourite form of social media and promote it. Each article has links to Twitter, Facebook and the rest at the end to help you do this.

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