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Are You Disqualified From Being Top Of The Cops?

I’ve now had a second issue of the Blackburn with Darwen Messenger freesheet containing an article from Tony Johnson about his bid to be Lancashire Police And Crime Commissioner, but it’s unlikely this pleasure will be repeated. Mr Johnson is … Continue reading

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The Farm

Today was the day where I would have been keeping you up to date with the developments at the ACPO/APA conference day on PCCs, but it was not to be. Firstly ACPO and co. wanted £267 for me or any … Continue reading

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More Campaign Economics

Below are the agreed salaries for the new Police and Crime Commissioners. They have been set by a complex process which allows for, among other things, those areas with larger populations to offer larger remuneration. And below you will also … Continue reading

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Highlights from draft Police and Crime Commissioner election rules

I understand that the draft rules for the Police and Crime Commissioners are currently with Police Authorities, the Electoral Commission and other consultees. Once again, you can search for draft legislation at legislation.gov.uk, where it is supposed to be, and … Continue reading

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Questions in the House miss so many points.

The debate on just how the voters will find out more about who they get to vote for made it to the floor of the House of Commons yesterday, with Shadow Justice Minister and TopOfTheCops twitter follower David Hanson MP … Continue reading

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Weekend Update- Part, The Second – 18 March 2012

LGA This week I received my copy of the Local Government Association’s ‘First’ magazine with a flyer for their Police and Crime Commissioner Association quoting a favourably disposed candidate from each of the major parties. Didn’t quote TopOfTheCops though, funnily … Continue reading

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Government proposes a TopOfTheCops website – err, hang on!

The Electoral Commission has published their response to draft secondary legislation from the Government, which gives the game away about how the government plans to deal with the problem of people not knowing what the Police and Crime Commissioner elections … Continue reading

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Campaign Economics

There is a letter at the Economist website of interest to wannabe PCCs and their electorates. It’s from Alex Robertson at the Electoral Commission (hat tip to Jon Collins at the Police Foundation for spotting this). The letter states that … Continue reading

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Against Donkeys

The Police and Crime Commissioner elections are supposed to be an extension of democracy, giving voters the chance to chuck out folk they reckon are not governing the police sufficiently well. The same people (Daniel Hannan MEP and Douglas Carswell … Continue reading

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TopOfTheCops elections – Who pays the piper?

Is it me, or is John Prescott everywhere at the minute? You don’t seem to be able to turn on a news programme, open a paper, or even take refuge on a desert island without bumping into him. Can he … Continue reading

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